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Editions. DNN Platform (formerly "DotNetNuke Community Edition" content management system) is open source software distributed under an MIT License that is intended to allow management of websites without much technical knowledge, and to be extensible through a large number of third-party apps to provide functionality not included in the DNN core modules..


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In deep learning, a convolutional neural network (CNN, or ConvNet) is a class of artificial neural network (ANN), most commonly applied to analyze visual imagery. CNNs are also known as Shift Invariant or Space Invariant Artificial Neural Networks (SIANN), based on the shared-weight architecture of the convolution kernels or filters that slide along input features and provide ....


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Nel campo dell'apprendimento automatico, una rete neurale artificiale (in inglese artificial neural network, abbreviato in ANN o anche come NN) e un modello computazionale composto di "neuroni" artificiali, ispirato vagamente dalla semplificazione di una rete neurale biologica. Questi modelli matematici sono troppo semplici per ottenere una comprensione delle reti neurali ....


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Le caratteristiche principali di JavaScript sono: essere un linguaggio interpretato: il codice non viene compilato, ma eseguito direttamente; in JavaScript lato client, il codice viene eseguito dall'interprete contenuto nel browser dell'utente.; la sintassi e relativamente simile a quella dei linguaggi C, C++ e Java.; definisce le funzionalita tipiche dei linguaggi di programmazione ad ....


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GP is applied to software engineering through code synthesis, genetic improvement, automatic bug-fixing, and in developing game-playing strategies, ... and more. Neural network architecture is 4,6,1 Therefore, this paper proposes a BP neural network optimized by genetic algorithm to establish a house price forecasting model..


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Aug 14, 2020 . Deep Learning is Large Neural Networks. Andrew Ng from Coursera and Chief Scientist at Baidu Research formally founded Google Brain that eventually resulted in the productization of deep learning technologies across a large number of Google services.. He has spoken and written a lot about what deep learning is and is a good place to start. In early talks ....


Proceedings | CHI 2021.

We propose a novel modality for active biometric authentication: electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). To explore this, we engineered an interactive system, which we call ElectricAuth, that stimulates the user's forearm muscles with a sequence of electrical impulses (i.e., EMS challenge) and measures the user's involuntary finger movements (i.e., response to the challenge)..