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dos tiempos loc nom m : cargada y envion loc nom m : arranque y envion loc nom m: clean and jerk, clean-and-jerk v expr (do weightlifting move) cargar=> vtr : levantar=> vtr: knee jerk n (reflex movement of the leg) reflejo nm : The doctor hit his knee with a mallet to try to induce a knee jerk. (medicina) reflejo rotuliano loc nom m.

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jugar para los dos lados expr : jugar para los dos equipos expr: swing door, also US: swinging door n (door that swings in both directions) puerta batiente grupo nom : There was a large swing door at the entrance of the bar. puerta vaiven grupo nom : Habia una gran puerta vaiven a la entrada del bar. swing music n (jazz style) (voz inglesa ....

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Define to. to synonyms, to pronunciation, to translation, English dictionary definition of to. toward, on, against, upon Not to be confused with: too - also: me too; excessive: too much two - a number: Take two; they're small..

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tort: [noun] a wrongful act other than a breach of contract for which relief may be obtained in the form of damages or an injunction..

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budget definition: 1. a plan to show how much money a person or organization will earn and how much they will need or.... Learn more..

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Felipe is the Spanish variant of the name Philip, which derives from the Greek adjective Philippos "friend of horses". Felipe is also widely used in Portuguese-speaking Brazil alongside Filipe, the form commonly used in Portugal.. Noteworthy people with this name include:.

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teenager definition: 1. a young person between 13 and 19 years old: 2. a young person between 13 and 19 years old: 3.... Learn more..

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Tome el medicamento dos veces al dia. Take the medication twice a day. A preposition is a word that indicates the relationship between a noun and another word (e.g. ... SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. Ver en espanol en ingles. FEATURES. Translation Conjugation ....

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eso no me gusta I don't like that; ?que es eso? what's that?; eso de su coche that business about his car; ?es verdad eso que me han contado? is it true what I've been told?; ?que es eso de que ...? what's all this about ...?; !eso! that's right!; eso es that's it; that's right; eso si yes, of course; el coche es viejo, eso si the car is certainly old; eso digo yo (indicando acuerdo) I ....

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In Welsh, ll stands for a voiceless alveolar lateral fricative sound (IPA: [l]).This sound is very common in place names in Wales because it occurs in the word llan, for example, Llanelli, where the ll appears twice, or Llanfairpwll, where (in the full name) the ll appears five times - with two instances of llan.. In Welsh, ll is a separate digraph letter from l (e.g., lwc sorts before llaw)..

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The meaning of CONSERVATION is a careful preservation and protection of something; especially : planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction, or neglect. How to use conservation in a sentence..

The Definitive Guide to Spanish Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns.

May 11, 2022 . However, note that in Spanish the direct object is often omitted with this verb, as in the example above 'le pego'. But it doesn't have to be. For example: English: He hit him with two blows to finish the fight. (He hit two blows to him...) Espanol: Le pego dos bofetadas para terminar la lucha..

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Tornado definition, a potentially violent and destructive system of atmospheric circulation, characterized by a long, funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground and made visible by condensation and debris: although tornadoes have occurred on all continents except Antarctica, they are most common in the United States, especially in the area known asTornado Alley..