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1 day ago . GQL reference; Discover why leading businesses choose Google Cloud Learn more ... For more information, see the Datastore mode C# API reference documentation. View on GitHub Feedback. using Google.Cloud.Datastore.V1; namespace GoogleCloudSamples { public class QuickStart { public static void Main(string[] args) { // Your Google Cloud Platform ....

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A query retrieves entities from Firestore in Datastore mode that meet a specified set of conditions.. The query operates on entities of a given kind; it can specify filters on the entities' property values, keys, and ancestors, and can return zero or more entities as results.A query can also specify sort orders to sequence the results by their property values..

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A. Cloud Pub/Sub does not have triggers for event types. B. Cloud Pub/Sub has triggers on only one event type, when a message is published. C. Cloud Pub/Sub determines the correct event type by analyzing the function code. D. The statement in the question is incorrect; you do have to specify an event type with Cloud Pub/Sub functions..