Hg6245d Pldt Fiber Admin Password

PLDT Default Admin Password and Username (Fibr, DSL, Ultera).

May 01, 2022 . In order to access the PLDT router admin settings, we must know the default gateway or the I.P. address that we will enter into our browser (Google Chrome/Firefox).Usually, is the default gateway of PLDT modems, with an exemption for some modems, like Ultera, which uses as its default gateway.After you've done entering the default ....


Superadmin credentials for PLDT HG6245D RP2740 : InternetPH - reddit.

First thing you should know is that there is no superadmin for PLDT RP2740 just direct to admin credentials, but you must first do the following instructions: Unplug the fiber cable to PLDT router, automatically the PLDT status will be LOS (with red light) Then restart the router and don't put it back the fibercable, make sure that you are ....