How To Delete An Old Facebook Account When You Cant Log In

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Aug 05, 2020 . The same happened to me today. I was commenting in a few groups about tennis. I think one comment had a swear word in it. Banned. I had the Facebook account since the beginning of Facebook 20 odd years ago. If you are going to think to ban a person, have a system of degrees. It should not be a black and white ban. Swear, get a week..

Can’t Log in to Instagram After Changing Phone Number? – [Fix.

Mar 07, 2019 . If you signed up for Instagram using your Facebook account, then the email address should be similar to the one you used to open your Facebook account. If you cannot access your Instagram account in any way, open the app on your device and input your last phone number or email you used to sign up. Click on 'forgot password'..

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Feb 12, 2021 . Facebook hacks your account, Facebook makes you buy their product to fix, Facebook creates a Reddit thread explaining that buying their product is the only way to fix their Facebook hack, Facebook gets hundreds of commenters to say this is the only way to fix their Facebook hack, Facebook revenue increases dramatically. Amazing world we live in..

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Feb 16, 2021 . Also, deleting the cache doesn't delete your user ID and password. Following are the steps to delete Facebook Messenger cache: 1. Go to Settings on your phone. 2. Select Apps and then go for Manage Applications. 3. Now, navigate Facebook Messenger and go to Storage. 4. Finally, erase the cache first and then Clear Data. 5..

Facebook Account Disabled - How to Appeal to Reactivate it?.

Dec 07, 2021 . Your security system by mistake Disabled my Personal Facebook account and You have disabled my account due to against Facebook Community Standards. But I'm providing you all identity with is enough to reopen my Facebook account I hope you look at my appeal and open my Facebook account as soon as possible, Thanks. Name: AVASH MONDAL.

Delete a closed pull request from GitHub - Stack Overflow.

Aug 26, 2013 . There is no way you can delete a pull request yourself-- you and the repo owner (and all users with push access to it) can close it, but it will remain in the log. This is part of the philosophy of not denying/hiding what happened during development..

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Dec 25, 2018 . Hi my Facebook has been hacked and my business page linked to my Facebook They have changed email and passwords and my mobile is no longer linked to the account they Have also taken money from my account in need access to get into my business page Facebook Aren't helping me they aren't excepting my I'd or anything and the access code they send to ....

Login to Facebook without Code Generator? - Ask Dave Taylor.

Aug 12, 2016 . On Aug 29th 2021 I received a message that I thought was from facebook and they said that someone tried to hack my facebook account. And, the moment I opened the message my facebook account was locked. I cant upload my i.d. I've tried resetting my password but it sends me to the locked account page..

Axios - DELETE Request With Request Body and Headers?.

Jun 28, 2018 . @Evert that's incorrect, DELETE requests have not defined semantics for the body, so you can have the request body, but old implementations may reject the request. IMO you should have the request body, and obsolete the old clients and rotate new clients in ....