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A Linux distribution (often abbreviated as distro) is an operating system made from a software collection that includes the Linux kernel and, often, a package management system.Linux users usually obtain their operating system by downloading one of the Linux distributions, which are available for a wide variety of systems ranging from embedded devices (for example, OpenWrt) ....

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Arch Linux (/ ?:r t? /) is an independently developed, x86-64 general-purpose Linux distribution that strives to provide the latest stable versions of most software by following a rolling-release model.The default installation is a minimal base system, configured by the user to only add what is purposely required. Pacman, a package manager written specifically for Arch Linux, is used ....

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Linux ou GNU/Linux est une famille de systemes d'exploitation open source de type Unix fonde sur le noyau Linux, ... Wikipedia(R) est une marque deposee de la Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., organisation de bienfaisance regie par le paragraphe 501(c)(3) du code fiscal des Etats-Unis..