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The Okta System Log API provides near real-time, read-only access to your organization's system log and is the programmatic counterpart of the System Log UI ... A user account is moved from suspended status. user.session.start: Okta issues a session to a user who is authenticating..


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System Status. Up-to-the-minute information on service availability. View more. Security. Our approach for securing identities. Learn more. ... Whether you're using Okta to securely enable your workforce or to deliver seamless customer experiences, we understand that our own security posture is a significant area of focus for you. David ....


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Okta Developer Portal Auth for All. Quickly deploy auth that protects your apps, APIs, and infrastructure Let's get started Server-side web app Go Java .NET Node.js PHP Python Front-end web app React Angular Vue.js Mobile/native app ... TRUST System status, ....


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Get security, scalability, reliability, and flexibility by combining Okta's Customer Identity products to build the stack you need. Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Secure, intelligent access for your customers and workforce.


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Get Help From Okta If HTTP errors plague you, we can help. We'll walk through the problems with you, and we'll figure out how to give your users access without compromising your security. Contact us to find out more. References. Brief History of HTTP. High Performance Browser Networking. O'Reilly. Additional HTTP Status Codes. (April 2012)..


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Hosted System Status Pages Fully customizable with incident tracking, subscriber notifications, and much more. View Our Status Page Get Started. ... using OpenID Connect (OIDC) or SAML Identity Providers including OneLogin, Auth0, Okta and Google. Optionally use IP Access Control to limit visibility to predefined IP addresses. Hosted external ....


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Getting Started $ okta start spring-boot Registering for a new Okta account, if you would like to use an existing account, use 'okta login' instead. First name: Jamie Last name: Example Email address: jamie@example Company: Okta Test Company Creating new Okta Organization, this may take a minute: OrgUrl: https://dev-123456.okta An email has been sent to you with a ....


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An Okta account, called an organization (sign up for a free developer organization if you need one) An Okta application, which can be created using the Okta Admin UI; Creating your Okta application. When creating a new Okta application, you can specify the application type. This SDK is designed to work with SPA (Single-page Applications) or Web ....