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Pygame has a total of 32 event slots (ID's), of which the first 23 are used by Pygame (pre-defined events). Event ID's from 24 to 32 are available for our use. The pygame.USEREVENT has a value of 24, which we can assign to our user-defined event. For creating a second event, you would do pygame.USEREVENT + 1 (for an ID of 25), and so on ....

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This Article is a tutorial on the Python pygame framework. The Pygame library is probably the most well known python library when it comes to making games. It's not the most advanced or high level library, but it's simple and easy to learn. Pygame serves as a great entry point into the world of graphics and game development..

Welcome back to a new tutorial series! In this series, we'll go over making a car racing game in Python. Start as a fresh owner of a car garage and work your way to a service empire. A Pygame Hangman Game coded in Python 3. pip install pygamePython Beginners - Driving Game. A didactic GUI chess game made in Python3 using pygame..