Shadow Systems Cr920 Review Covert Role Pistol Recoil

Shadow Systems CR920 Review: Covert Role Pistol | RECOIL.

May 20, 2022 . The CR920 is the newest offering from Shadow Systems, a Plano, Texas-based firearms manufacturer, and their first foray into the subcompact EDC market. If you go on their social media feeds, you will read a mixed reception to this pistol - the main detractors citing the need for proprietary magazines, whereas their compact and full-size ....

A Subcompact That Shoots Like a Full-Size, the Shadow Systems CR920.

Jan 18, 2022 . The CR stands for Covert Role, which has been long requested by Shadow Systems customers. The CR920's capacity can be 13+1 with a patent-pending basepad or 10+1 with a flush magazine option. The engineers at Shadow Systems were tasked with the ultimate balancing act in creating a subcompact that is actually nice to shoot..