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The kaihogyo (???) ("circling the mountain") is an ascetic practice performed by Tendai Buddhist monks. The practice involves walking a route on Mount Hiei (the location of the Tendai school headquarters), the longest of which takes 1000 days to complete; all the while offering prayers at halls, shrines and other sacred places..


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Myoan Eisai/Yosai (????, 27 May 1141 - 1 August 1215) was a Japanese Buddhist priest, credited with founding the Japanese line of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism. In 1191, he introduced this Zen approach to Japan, following his trip to China from 1187 to 1191, during which he was initiated into the Linji school by the master Hsu an. It is also said that he popularized ....


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Historia Evolucion del budismo hasta su llegada a Japon. Tras las ensenanzas de Siddhartha Gautama, el budismo se extiende en la India y otros paises asiaticos dando lugar a distintas interpretaciones sobre los textos que promulgan su mensaje.Nacen dos corrientes principales que tratan el budismo de forma diferente: la Theravada, que se establece en Sri Lanka, ....