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Since PHP 4.0.1 create_function(), a thin wrapper around eval(), allowed normal PHP functions to be created during program execution; it was deprecated in PHP 7.2 and removed in PHP 8.0 in favour of syntax for anonymous functions or "closures" that can capture variables from the surrounding scope, which was added in PHP 5.3..

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Mar 30, 2022 . PHP 8.0 emerged as the winner in most platforms that support it, including WordPress and Laravel. Compiled PHP benchmarks of the top platforms. For instance, WordPress on PHP 8.0 can handle 18.4% more requests per second than PHP 7.4. Likewise, Laravel on PHP 8.0 can run 8.5% more requests per second than PHP 7.3. If your website or ....

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NGINX consistently beats Apache and other servers in benchmarks measuring web server performance. Since the original release of NGINX, however, websites have expanded from simple HTML pages to dynamic, multifaceted content. ... built using anything from Node.js to PHP, ... (3) Layer 4 (1) Layer 7 (13) smart sharding (1) optimizations (3 ....

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Aug 12, 2022 . All the new Batman comics, graphic novels, and collections from DC in 2022 (and 2023) By Michael Doran published 9 August 22 News There are always new Batman comics to read and we keep track of ....

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These studies found that, for CAM, 38.4% concluded positive effect or possibly positive (12.4%), 4.8% concluded no effect, 0.7% concluded harmful effect, and 56.6% concluded insufficient evidence. An assessment of conventional treatments found that 41.3% concluded positive or possibly positive effect, 20% concluded no effect, 8.1% concluded net ....

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Aug 13, 2022 . Week of August 6th to August 12th - What's New in the World of X-Plane. Welcome to our weekly roundup of everything X-Plane. Here you find a snippet of this week's major events, including standout freeware releases, X-Plane 12 news, developer updates, plus reviews from the guys and gals at X-PlaneReviews..

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Aug 03, 2022 . AMD's FSR 2.0 would prove beneficial here, if AMD can get widespread adoption -- AMD's fastest GPUs can barely manage 1440p at more than 30 fps. Also note that none of the GPUs can handle native ....,4388.html.