A Guide To Dpp Trick Room Teams Smogon University

A Guide to DPP Trick Room Teams - Smogon University.

Trick Room is mostly seen as a gimmick move that makes the slower Pokemon go first. This is simply not true; Trick Room, with the right team, can pose a threat to any standard fast paced OU team that do not prepare for such a threat. The real problem that Trick Room has, unlike Sunny Day and Rain Dance, is there is no way to extend its effects..


Playing in the Sandbox - A Guide to Sandstorm Teams - Smogon.

A major problem for sandstorm teams is stall teams. Most Pokemon that do well in sandstorm aren't proficient at running mixed sets, and as such, breaking the walls of stall teams is difficult. Including a Pokemon like Mixed Jirachi is a good idea; even though they will be taking damage from Life Orb, they'll often be able to break down a few ....


News - Pokémon Showdown!.

Dec 20, 2013 . DPP Cup VIII, ZU Premier League IV, and 2v2 Premier League III. Signups for the second cup of the 8th Smogon Classic, the DPP Cup, are now open! You can points in each of the 5 cups to qualify for the Smogon Classic Playoffs. Signups for the fourth edition of the ZU Premier League are now up! Six teams will test their might with these forgotten ....