About Those Sig P320 Lawsuits The Truth About Guns

About Those SIG P320 Lawsuits - The Truth About Guns.

Aug 30, 2021 . People of the Gun are probably familiar with the early problems the P320 had regarding drop safety. Back in 2017, SIG instituted a voluntary upgrade program to replace the original production triggers with new "enhanced" triggers designed to fix the issue that we and others observed when the pistols were dropped onto hard surfaces.. None of the current ....


Gun Review: SIG SAUER P320 XCompact 9mm Pistol - The Truth About Guns.

Jun 07, 2022 . The P320 XCompact puts a 3.6? barrel on a 15-round frame, but one of a slightly different shape than the base P320. It also incorporates the flat-bade trigger from SIG's X line. The grip module used for the XCompact visually appears a bit odd and contrasts with the smooth lines of the regular P320 line with blocky contours..


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