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Aug 09, 2017 . How to calculate TCS on scrap sale under gst, Tax Collected at Source,TCS on scrap in gst, TCS under income tax, TCS rules and regulations. ... Now this "decision of" Selling price is a confusing factor as each CA / Auditor/ CS treats it different way..

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What is Highest Common Factor (HCF) or Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) - The Largest(Highest) common Factor of two or more numbers will be called as HCF of the number. e.g. for 12 and 15. 3 will be the HCF. Prime Factors - These are unique list prime numbers that divide the greater number e.g. for 20 - 2, 5 are the prime Factors..

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Buy TCS NQT Aptitude Paid Materials. Join TCS Online Classes. Login/Signup. Personalized Analytics only Availble for Logged in users. Analytics below shows your performance in various Mocks on PrepInsta. Your average Analytics for this Quiz. Rank-Percentile. 0%. Start Preparing. Detailed performance. Completed. 0 / 0. Accuracy. 0%..

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May 10, 2022 . Lists of company wise questions available on leetcode premium. Every csv file in the companies directory corresponds to a list of questions on leetcode for a specific company based on the leetcode company tags. Updated as of May, 2022. - GitHub - hxu296/leetcode-company-wise-problems-2022: Lists of company wise questions available on leetcode premium..

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an impractically large scaling factor for the bias currents or the transistors. The term "bandgap reference" can be appreciated by calculating 22VT REF/ from (5), setting it to zero, finding Vn T ln from the result, and substitut-ing in (5) V . q E g 4 mV REF =+ + T (6) This expression suggests that the value of V REF extrapolated to T = 0K ....

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Oct 04, 2020 . The Q factor implies energy losses within a resonant device that might be anything from a mechanical pendulum, an entity in a mechanical structure, or from an electrical circuit, such as a resonant circuit.. Q factor shows the energy loss due to the quantity of energy contained in the design. Thus, the larger the Q factor, the lower the rate of energy loss, and ....

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Use our Simple Interest calculator to calculate the interest you can earn on investments or savings without compounding. You may calculate the simple interest on the principal amount on annually. The inputs that are required to use this calculator are principal amount, number of years and interest rate..

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Jan 11, 2022 . With the help of indexation, you can reduce the tax outgo on your long-term capital gains earned on the debt fund investments. Indexation is the procedure that allows you to reduce the cost of purchase of your fund units to factor in the inflation rate between the time at which you sold the fund units and bought them..

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Dec 01, 2020 . Due to Seebeck effect, the appearance of a temperature gradient, ? T = T hot - T cold, between the two TCs ends, generates an electric voltage expressed as (Yang et al., 2013, Pasquale, 2013): (1) V out = N ? AB ? T where N is the number of connected thermocouples, ? AB is the Seebeck coefficients of the two joined materials A and B ....

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MAM Software is pleased to announce that J. L. Bradshaw & Co. Ltd., a four-branch motor factor headquartered in Portlaoise, has successfully implemented MAM Autopart Online to help improve operational efficiency. Read Case Study.

Polysome-CAGE of TCL1-driven chronic lymphocytic leukemia ….

Aug 08, 2022 . TC widths were classified by the bimodally distributed sharp (1-10 bases) and broad (11-100 bases) TCs to be separately analyzed further. TC- and gene-level DE analyses were performed by Deseq2 package with a significance factor (alpha) cutoff set to 0.05 and with default setting of limma packages of the Bioconductor project, respectively..

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Millions of real salary data collected from government and companies - annual starting salaries, average salaries, payscale by company, job title, and city. Information for research of yearly salaries, wage level, bonus and compensation data comparison..

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To calculate the sum of the linked lists, we calculate the sum of values held at nodes in the same position. For example, we add values at first node on both the linked list to find the value of the first node of the resultant linked list. If the length of both linked lists is not equal, then we only add elements from the shorter linked list ....

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The GST rate defined in the stock group will applicable to GST transaction and tax rate calculate automatically. Set TDS details. You can configure for goods that are classified under the TDS nature of goods. The TDS details specified in the group level will inherit the stock item falling under this group. Set TCS details.

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Measures of game complexity State-space complexity. The state-space complexity of a game is the number of legal game positions reachable from the initial position of the game.. When this is too hard to calculate, an upper bound can often be computed by also counting (some) illegal positions, meaning positions that can never arise in the course of a game. ....

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LED tube lights replicate the mechanical dimensions to ensure that they can be true retrofit replacements, and adopt the same form factor names (e.g. 4-foot T8 LED tube light). T8 and T12 fixtures are generally the same length and use the same pins, so mechanically they are usually cross-compatible..

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Two-factor authentication enables the users to fulfill the second level of authentication to an account login process. If a user has to enter only a username and password at the time of login, it would be considered a single-factor authentication. But in Two-factor authentication, the user has to enter more information than the login password..

Neuroimmune cardiovascular interfaces control atherosclerosis.

Apr 27, 2022 . Atherosclerotic plaques develop in the inner intimal layer of arteries and can cause heart attacks and strokes1. As plaques lack innervation, the effects of neuronal control on atherosclerosis ....

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In probability theory and machine learning, the multi-armed bandit problem (sometimes called the K-or N-armed bandit problem) is a problem in which a fixed limited set of resources must be allocated between competing (alternative) choices in a way that maximizes their expected gain, when each choice's properties are only partially known at the time of allocation, and may .... Cloyes 9-0753S Timing Kit : Automotive.

A timing chain job in a GM 3.6L is a real pain. You don't want to have to do it twice. That's why technicians recommend Cloyes chain sets. Everything you need is there including the quality you expect. And the price is about as good as you'll find, especially when you factor in shipping..

An inter-organ neural circuit for appetite suppression.

Jul 07, 2022 . GLP-1 signaling in terminal ileum is sufficient to inhibit gastric motility and appetite. To approximate the localization and dynamics of GLP-1 release by L Cells, we implanted a catheter in the lower ileum of mice to perform luminal intra-ileal GLP-1 infusions (GLP-1 ii, 20-25 pmol/kg, 50 uL over 10 s for all intra-intestinal infusions; see STAR Methods and Jessen et al., ....

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The 770G has an updated Traction Control System (TCS) to keep you moving even when the ground conditions aren't perfect. You'll see improvements in fuel use through new and flexible fuel savings and we're making the operating experience best in class with automotive quality shifting, noise reduction, and cab updates..