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Oct 23, 2017 . What is privacy? Privacy is a fundamental right, essential to autonomy and the protection of human dignity, serving as the foundation upon which many other human rights are built..


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privacy noun pri. va. cy Legal Definition of privacy : freedom from unauthorized intrusion state of being let alone and able to keep certain especially personal matters to oneself -- see also ....

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May 14, 2002 . The concept of privacy has broad historical roots in sociological and anthropological discussions about how extensively it is valued and preserved in various cultures..

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Broadly speaking, privacy is the right to be let alone, or freedom from interference or intrusion. Information privacy is the right to have some control over how your personal information is collected and used..

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Your data is private at work, at home, and on the go. At Microsoft, we value, protect, and defend privacy. We believe in transparency, so that people and organizations can control their data and have meaningful choices in how it is used. We empower and defend the privacy choices of every person who uses our products and services. At home.


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As privacy needs evolve, so too should our regulatory regimes. National governments must put legal checks in place to prevent abuse of state powers, and international bodies need to consider how a changing technological environment shapes security agencies' best practices. Above all, we need to respect the rights of autonomy, anonymity ....


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PRIVACY IS A RIGHT AND A RIGHT THAT NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED BY THE PEOPLE. Advanced Training FREE Training Privacy and Security Tool Kit Advanced Training Step by Step Videos Threat Detection About Privacy X We educate people on the process of creating a ghost lifestyle and how to disappear in a digital world. 01. Digital Ghost.