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The Warner Bros. Ranch is located at 411 North Hollywood Way in Burbank, California and was formerly called the Columbia Ranch.It was the backdrop for many Columbia Pictures films and Screen Gems/Columbia Pictures Television shows, including Father Knows Best, The Donna Reed Show, Dennis the Menace, Hazel, Bewitched, Gidget, I Dream of Jeannie, The Monkees, ....


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Lorimar Productions, Inc., later known as Lorimar Television and Lorimar Distribution, was an American production company that was later a subsidiary of Warner Bros., active from 1969 until 1993, when it was folded into Warner Bros. Television (which is currently known as Warner Bros. Television Studios).It was founded by Irwin Molasky, Merv Adelson, and Lee Rich..


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Warner Bros. Animation est la division affiliee a l'animation de Warner Bros. Global Kids, Young Adults and Classics (en), une division de la Warner Bros. Entertainment.Parmi les plus grands studios d'animation americains, Warner Bros. Animation est souvent associee aux personnages des Looney Tunes ou des Merrie Melodies, plusieurs d'entre eux -- Bugs Bunny, ....